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The Children’s Day Festival of Cary showcases and celebrates the colorful mosaic of cultures in our area.  It allows the children in our community to learn about different cultures through performances, entertainment, activities, and food.  This is our opportunity to connect with children directly, so please make every effort to authentically represent your culture at the Festival. 


Festival General Guidelines:

  1. No religious or political expression of any kind may be made in common areas.

  2. All written materials for distribution MUST BE approved by the Festival Coordinators.

  3. Obtaining parental consent is strongly encouraged before handing out any items to young children, such as food, toys, and craft supplies.

  4. All concerns regarding distributed materials, stage performances, schedules, activity tables and equipment will be addressed by the area coordinator. In case of dispute, the Festival coordinators’ decision will be final.


Community Corner Guidelines:

  1. Nothing may be sold at the Community Corner.

  2. No donations may be solicited at the Community Corner.

  3. Each organization can post one sign, no larger than 2’ X 3’.

  4. All tables must be set-up and ready by the Festival start time and remain in operation until the Festival ends.

  5. Disposable table cloths will be provided, but organizations may use their own.

  6. Table locations will be assigned by the Festival.


Community Corner Crafts/Activities:

  1. “Make and take” items are preferred.

  2. The Cultural Exhibit should be representative of your group (example: Turkish group’s “how to make Turkish rug” or “candle decorating”.)

  3. The best exhibits are interactive - attract children’s attention by creating a unique atmosphere and providing hands on activities. 

  4. The Festival is not responsible for providing volunteers to man the tables.

  5. No religious or political expression of any kind.

  6. No financial compensation will be provided.

  7. It is recommended that each activity table be prepared for at least 400 participants.


Stage Performances:

  1. No religious or political expression of any kind may be made on stage.

  2. Performances should showcase the richness of each culture’s heritage, and allow the public to connect with and learn about that culture. These can be dance, singing or other performing arts. The performers are expected to be dressed in the costumes of their country/culture. Please remember the best performances are the ones that spark a child’s curiosity and/or encourage active participation.

  3. If flags are part of a performance, 1 large flag (max size 5’ X 5’) can be used. There is no limit for flags smaller than 8” X 11”

  4. During the parade or group pictures following the parade , only small flags (smaller than 8” X 11”) can be used. Organizational banners are not permitted.

  5. The age range for performers is 4-18 years. Adults are only permitted on stage with groups of smaller children as part of the choreography, unless otherwise approved by the festival stage coordinator.

  6. Time limit for performances is 15 minutes.

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