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We welcome any and all the support that you can provide to help us make our festival a vigorous and memorable event.  Support can be in different forms; anything from sending the event information to your mailing list, to providing monetary or in-kind donations. Since ATA-NC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, all donations are tax deductible. 


Festival Sponsors provide monetary support of $100 or more and are recognized  prior to and during the Festival. Higher levels of sponsorship receive greater recognition during the pre-festival advertising and the Festival.  Besides the intrinsic satisfaction that comes from knowing you’ve helped enrich the community by supporting this event, businesses and organizations gain valuable exposure through our efforts to publicize the Festival.  We put great effort into publicizing this event and in many cases our publicity materials list our Festival Sponsors.


Our pre-event publicity includes:

  • Our Event Website which is constantly updated and visited by viewers

  • E-mail distribution of Festival announcements to several thousand email addresses.

  • Facebook page with event and advertising reaching over 14k people.    

  • Various individuals and organizations – including schools and other non-profit organizations - spread the event news

  • Flyers and posters to be displayed at more than 200 locations in the Triangle area   

  • An Event Program listing Sponsors is distributed at the festival (~600 copies)

  • Distribution of ~ 600 postcards advertising the Festival

  • Advertisements placed in local magazines and newspapers.

Sponsorship levels and recognition:


Bronze Level Sponsors ($100 and up) are recognized on the Festival website under the "Sponsors" tab and are listed in the Festival Program distributed on-site.


Silver Level Sponsors ($250 and up) receive previously listed benefits and are recognized additionally on our Facebook page, on posters distributed around the event site, during a curtain speech announcement and, space permitting, on the Festival Banner that is displayed on stage during all performances. 


Gold Level Sponsors ($500 and up) receive all previously listed benefits and are guaranteed listing, with their logos, on the Festival Poster that is displayed on the stage during all performances, and on the Festival Banner and in several posts on our Facebook page. ​


Sponsors will be posted on the Festival Website as soon as sponsorship is confirmed and it will be included in the next applicable printing of publicity materials. We ask that all monetary donations be made by March 10, 2023, in order to insure that their information is shown on printed media at the Festival.  If you have special requests, please let us know. We will do our best to accommodate your needs. We are looking forward to discussing sponsorship options with you.

To become a sponsor, please fill out THIS FORM.

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